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Many of the new air conditioning systems and most new luxury automobiles use a clutchless compressor fitted with a compressor control valve. Clutchless compressors use a thermistor, transducer, and solenoid to perform the same functions electronically that the electromagnetic clutch does mechanically.

The function of the valve is to balance the pressure of the fluids moving through the system by controlling the angle of the swash plate. This keeps the evaporator at a constant temperature slightly above freezing to maximize the auto air conditioning system operation.

While mechanical control valves are still in play in older and more economical cars due to the extra cost, the range of control with an electronic control valve is far superior. The electronic control valve is more efficient and reduces displacement, saving wear and tear on the AC system, reducing the engine load while running, and producing cleaner emissions. Ultimately, the more expensive model is more cost effective over the life or the vehicle.

Since the compressor control valves are electronic, diagnostic testing is a simple matter of hooking up to a diagnostic testing device. In minutes, you can determine whether your AC compressor assembly is working properly.

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More often than not the compressor is replaced when all that was actually needed was a relatively inexpensive control valve replacement. This repair can be done for a fraction of the cost of a compressor replacement. In addition to the extra cost for additional parts when you replace the entire compressor, you have to recycle or refill the refrigerant, which will add another charge to the price tag. If you're looking to keep the costs down, replacing the ac compressor control valve is a much more economical solution.

No matter which system your vehicle has, we'll have the control valve you need to make auto AC repairs at the best prices you'll find. Use our convenient online ac parts lookup to find the control valve to fit your vehicles AC system.

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