AC Compressor

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AC Compressor
Notice: First Design - This refers to vehicles built with a Delphi HU6 compressor
To determine your vehicles compressor type, click on "Product Details" and
compare the compressor photo shown on our website to the one on your vehicle.
Price: $227.69
Total: $
SKU #: 05-20448A 
Available: Yes 
Model Number: HU6 
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New HU6 Complete with clutch & pulley.

Compressor Model: HU6
Warranty: One-Year
Belt & Pulley System: Serpentine
Number Of Grooves On Pulley: 4
Replaces Original Equipment Part Numbers: 1136529, 1136607, 1136610, 1136623
1136627, 1136642, 15765035, 15766589
AC Delco Part Number: 15-20353, 15-20448, 15-22144